Posted by: Michael | February 29, 2012

Going Out Of Business

Philippians 4:6-8 – Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

This post is about a story I read many years ago.  It touched my heart at time when I really didn’t understand God.  I was unaware of this battle going on in the spiritual realm that involved me.  I had no idea that a war is raging right now against the people of God.  A war whose aim is to destroy our faith in God to get us to distrust Him and His promises.  But, it taught me that I have a lot to do with the outcome of my circumstances.  You see there are some things where God says, you make the choice, you should know what I expect.  Then there are the times that we must wait on His direction.

It’s during those times that we get weary from the battle, we become disillusioned, and sometimes we doubt the power of God to change the situation at all.  Brothers and sisters the enemy hates you with a rage you cannot possibly imagine.  Your worst enemy could never despise you as much as the evil one does.  For we are made in the image of God.  If he hates God he surely hates what is most precious to Him, His saints.

I have been blessed to be used of God to help so many of my family in Christ.  I pray for all of Christendom constantly.  I hope you do too.  These are truly evil days, and our adversary knows that his time is short.  That’s why his war against us has intensified, and most us are not ready for the fight.  Blame can be placed at the feet of many, but ultimately we are responsible for not being prepared for the battle.

We cannot stand on anyone else’s faith. You must stand on your own. Are you immersing yourself in the word of God?  Is  prayer a part of your daily routine?  Or do you only cry out to Him when things are going wrong?  He is to be lifted up, glorified, praised, worshiped, adored, magnified, every day of our lives.  In the good times remember from whom your blessings come from, and in the times of need cry out to Him.  As sister Aiken states in her post He is our strong tower.  The righteous run to it and are safe.  Here is the story I want to share with you.

The devil had decided that he was going out of business.  His reasons were his own, but he wanted to sell some of the tools that he used quite successfully against mankind.  All those interested in his wares were summoned and were inspecting the items on sale.   There were many to choose from lust, envy, greed, unforgiveness, malice, war, famine, disease, doubt, unbelief, and there were many, many others.  Each item varied in price according to its usefulness.  Those in attendance could tell that all of these items were well-worn.  But there was one that was separated from the others enclosed in a glass case set on a pedestal.  It’s price was the highest of all yet there was no name assigned to it.  It was obvious that this item had seen more use than all the others combined.

When the potential buyers inquired about the item the devil said, ah this tool I have used many times against the saints of God, and with great success I might add, when I could not get in with any of the others you see before you.  One of them asked, “What is it, and why is it so expensive?” He said this tool is discouragement.  With it I have been able to pry open and get in and make use of the other tools because of this one, and wreak havoc in a person’s life.  Because of this one simple tool I have been able to destroy homes, ruin families, cause suicides, divorces, why I have even gotten some to stopping praying, to begin to doubt God’s word, and to even walk away from Him altogether because of this one device.  It has proven to be quite effective over the years.

Brothers and sisters, God’s word is full of so many promises for His children.  But sometimes waiting on God is hard, and we pay more attention to our circumstances than we do Him.  When we don’t see the results WE want, when we want them, and sadly many of us become discouraged and begin to doubt God.

This is the one of the oldest tools in the enemy’s arsenal.  If he can get you to become discouraged using the other tools will be less arduous. We must learn to take God at His word, and hold on to it no matter what we feel.  I know some of you are going through some very hard times, but please do not be discouraged.  God knows exactly where you are and He knows what to do to bring you through whatever the problem is.

I urge you to Trust Him even when all hell seems to be breaking loose.  Never doubt for a moment that He is by your side, holding your hand, and will carry you if He has to.  He loves us more than we could imagine.

The word of God says in Deuteronomy 3:24, “O Lord God, thou has begun to shew thy servant thy greatness, and thy mighty hand: for what God is there in heaven or in earth, that can do according to thy works, and according to thy might?

The power of our God is unfathomable, He does what He pleases and no one opposes Him. What He has promised He is able to perform.

Trust in that power today.  Hold on to Him.  He will deliver you, rescue you, He will be whatever you need today. Trust Him, be still and know that He is God.



  1. Michael,
    That is AMAZING!! Thank you for that it has helped me alot
    God Bless Brother,

  2. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I am glad the He touched you through this post. Please pass it along to anyone else you know that is hurting.

  3. I sure will brother !!

  4. […] Going Out Of Business ( […]

  5. Michael that was a wonderful and very timely posting! I have been under severe attack physically from all sides and even yesterday had a seizure of sorts. I didn’t realize that “he” had that kind of power! I know he wants to silence me, but I won’t be silenced. I know my God. He holds my future whatever it is. Everybody today wondered why I hadn’t gone to the hospital. Well, I was able to talk and think thru the seizure, so I didn’t think of it as a seizure. I did have several little neurological happenings -not seizures-during the day yesterday and I admit that today, I have walked around like a drunken loon. We decided if I was still weird tomorrow, that I would go to the ER-but it is money I can not afford to spend unless it is absolutely necessary. So Yes, I am prayinging all those words back to the Lord and asking for clear direction.
    I pronted out what you wrote for my husband to read tomorrow. I want to share it with so many people. It was powerful!

  6. Hi Cindy!

    I praise God that the message helped you. His word never lies, but our enemy does. You will never regret putting your trust in God.

  7. Its great as your other articles : D, thankyou for posting . “The squeaking wheel doesn’t always get the grease. Sometimes it gets replaced.” by Vic Gold.

  8. Thank you so very much. It is a big comfort in knowing no matter what satan tries our God is bigger and can bring us through!

  9. Great message, Michael. I had heard that story before but hadn’t thought of it for a while. How incredibly true it is that discouragement is the key to opening up every other sin in satan’s arsenal! In fact, he uses discouragement to bring doubt into your mind. For that reason, I take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. I may be in a great battle, and wounded by all the attacks, but my God has said I am a conqueror and I believe him. It all comes down to who do you believe? If you believe a lie, you will follow it to destruction. I choose to believe the truth and know that my victory is secure.

    thank you for all of your prayers for me, Michael. You are a true brother in the Lord. May he bless you for the work you do for him.

    • You are more than welcome!

  10. Good morning Michael.

    I love this post. The truth will indeed make us free.

    Believe it or not, you are helping someone get free through this post.

    God bless you my brother.

    Continue to let God use you. To God be all the glory.

    Remember to tell the Lord thank you for it is His will concerning you in Christ Jesus.

    Your sister in Christ.


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